Google Ads

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Google Ads – a paid platform where you can instantly achieve your short-term web traffic, leads, and sales goals with the best ad copywriting, well-optimized websites, right targeting, bidding, ad formats, and budgets. Digital Seed has a dedicated, certified, and experienced team of Google Ads / PPC Specialists who can help you to achieve and surpass your goals. We offer an end to end Google Ads management services (completely new Google Ads account and campaign setup, Rebuilding an existing one, and monthly management service).

Our Google Ads Services

Google Search Ads

Get more customers instantly and grow your business with easy when people are searching for your offerings and related search terms online. 

Google Display Ads

We market to people who showed interest in your products with well-crafted and eye-catching visual ads.   

Google Shopping Ads 

Showcase your products on top of all searches with e-commerce focused shopping ads. With your product image, price, and brand name all displayed ahead of search results, you’re just 2 clicks away from your shopping cart.

Remarketing Campaigns 

Increase your conversions and ROI by showing your ads to the previous website visitors 

Components of our Google Ads Services

  • Google campaign Setup 
  • Keyword Research and selection
  • Conversion Tracking Installation
  • Campaign management and conversion optimization
  • Ad split testing 
  • Budget and Ad Spend management 
  • Data Analysis and Reporting 
  • Land Page Optimization 

Why you Need a PPC Specialist

The Google Ads platform is very complex therefore it requires a dedicated agency to produce the best out of your budget and achieve set objectives 

You need someone who is well vested with knowledge on how to professionally set up, manage, and optimize Google Ads campaign. 

Stick to the knitting and do what you know best, so marketing gurus say – let us ensure optimal performance of your digital campaign while you attend to other pressing matters of your business.

Pay For What You Get

Businesses can choose their spending budget as there is no set minimum amount to spend. Our PPC specialists will recommend a personalized budget for your business depending on different variables such as bids, type of campaigns, campaign size, targeted location size, and more. We ensure efficient spending of your budget by targeting only customers with the highest potential to convert. We ensure you get quality traffic to your site – every keyword, target audience, a landing page is analyzed closely by experts to ensure you pay for what you get. Ads will be crafted and optimized in such a way to increase the click-through rate. 

We mandate our team to be fully Google Ads certified and stay up to date with the latest trends on the Google Ads platform. Ask us to implement your google ads campaign and we will be up to the task to ensure optimal conversion experience on your campaigns. 

  • We hold the following certifications
  • Search Advertising 
  • Shopping Advertising 
  • Google Display 
  • Data Analysis
  • Google Analytics

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